The Author

Nikitina Galina Vladimirovna

Galina was born in Ufa. She has graduated the art school in 1979 and the art college in 1982 by specialization “lacquer miniature”. From 1987 to 1993, she was studying at the Ural State University in the faculty of History of Art.

All of her works are made on a professional level and have unparalleled color solutions. Some of the works are presented in the private collections of Russia, Canada and Germany.


Natalia Kolovershin, an art critic and a member of the International Association of Art Critics, says:

“The works of Galina Nikitina are in some way the fragments of life, impressions, moods, and associations. In her melodious, refined, and full of melting shades of colors batiks you can find timeless mirages, secrets, and presentiments. Color and light within her works disappear and deepen as if by magic! There is a certain mystery, the magic of shimmering colors, the play of forms in her landscapes, still life and compositions.

Every touch of her brush reveals freedom and originality. Her knowledge and the deep insight into the favorite epochs of art history, into the archaism, and excellent command of all the techniques of batik do not constrain the creative energy of the artist, but enrich and saturate it.

Ornamental replicas and symbol images of ancient times in her batiks organically intertwine into a single whole, into a vivid space with a plenty of intriguing turns, compositional and conceptual moves. All of those keep your eyes locked on the batik and appeal to your soul deeply”.